Are Stocks, Mutual Funds or ETFs Good? – Interview with Craig Israelsen -Season 1: Episode 8

What are the best steps for people to take to learn how to invest?  And – do you like salsa?  If so, this episode is for you!

In finance, as in many other fields, knowledge is power.  And when you’re speaking with someone in academics, it’s an almost sure bet that you’re going to get answers to questions you have, while at the same time learning some valuable lessons.  In this episode of CAPitalize, Christopher Panagiotu, CFP®, CRPS®,  speaks with Professor Craig Israelsen, founder of the “Seven-12 portfolio”.

We answer questions that need to be asked: What’s the difference between an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) and a stock?  And what do terms like “low correlation” mean?  And what’s the important piece of advice for those who desire financial success?

Find out more on this edition of CAPitalize, the podcast for the intelligent investor!

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