CAPitalize Your Finances: The How-To Financial Framework That Takes You from Compoundingly Clueless to Monetarily Magnificent

Heralded as “well-researched, plainly written, and full of character” by the former CMO of E*TRADE, CAPitalize Your Finances is the refreshingly approachable go-to book for those who are looking for simple steps to take them above-and-beyond in their financial lives. Respected financial author, podcaster, and trusted wealth manager Christopher A. Panagiotu has crafted a book that avoids the ethereal hype of most financial “self-help” books — which, unfortunately, often deliver little more than momentary motivation (without practical tools), feel-good inspiration (without results-focused strategy), or entertaining stories (without regard for the reader’s story or financial goals). A stark contrast to those other books, Panagiotu’s book cuts straight to the heart of what you need to do to ensure your personal or family finances are top notch.

CAPitalize Your Finances offers an easy-to-understand framework that readers can follow during any season of their lives. Whether you’re just beginning to express interest and commitment to personal finance, at the pinnacle of your career, winding down into retirement, or thinking about your legacy for future generations, CAPitalize Your Finances walks you through every step you need to succeed — on your terms and with your own values and passions guiding you.

The How-To Financial Framework That Takes You from Compoundingly Clueless to Monetarily Magnificent
CAPitalize Your Finances is not for those who simply want to “get by.” This book is for those who are HUNGRY!
Are you hungry:

  • To go beyond the simple understanding of financial terms?
  • To figure out how to catapult your finances to the next level without feeling you’re being sold a “get-rich-quick” scheme or an empty bag of promised goods?
  • To finally feel competent and confident when a friend, family member, or professional colleague mentions a personal finance topic?

Motivation and inspiration are both temporary; CAPitalization is for life. CAPitalize Your Finances will cure your financial hunger. Follow the framework, and it will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Learn It, Use It, Become It
Christopher A. Panagiotu’s book is more than a “how-to” manual; it’s an invitation to a new mindset and to a new way of making decisions about your money. While Panagiotu is “the CAP” in CAPitalize, his mission is to turn you into a CAPitalizer too. The results of CAPitalizing will vary based on your age, your life stage, and your financial trajectory. But whether you’re starting with a pot of resources ready for better investment or a pocket that’s nearly empty (but full of potential), the result of learning to CAPitalize your finances can be incredibly positive. You choose which part of the framework is most important for you, right now.

  • Maybe you’re struggling to get out of debt. Great news — there’s an entire chapter dedicated to CAPitalizing Your Debt.
  • Maybe you don’t know the difference between a good or a bad debt. You guessed it: there’s a chapter dedicated to that too.
  • Maybe you have plenty of money but don’t know how to allocate it. It’s not unusual for CAPitalizers to be making more than they spend, and not know what to do with that extra money. Yes, there’s even a chapter for that (in fact, more than one!).

So, jump into the conversation with a practical, meaningful read for current or aspiring CAPitalizers from all walks of life. CAPitalize Your Finances brings a welcome energy, candor, and humor to big conversations tackled in a lighthearted way so you can unlock the possibilities of being “monetarily magnificent” in all the ways you have always dreamed.