CAPitalize on Your Comedic Financial Success with Fahim Anwar – Episode 51

It’s a wonderful thing when you understand your current financial situation.  But as CAPitalizers, we know that there’s a lot more to it than simply understanding.  We take it to the next level by examining every nook and cranny of where we are now financially, and where we’d like to be.  We want to have confidence that we’ve set ourselves up and that we’re not going to fail.

On today’s episode I’m talking with the legendary comedian Fahim Anwar.   He’s appeared on CONAN, LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS, has served as head writer and starred on a sketch show special for Comedy Central and has appeared multiple times on Joe Rogan’s podcast.  Fahim has a very interesting story to tell about his upward climb through the ranks of the stand-up comedy world, how he juggled a daytime job and a nighttime act, and how he was ultimately able to pursue his dreams full-time by investing in himself. 

How do you chase your passion in life while still being able to make it all work out financially? Tune in and find out more!

Important Information:

The information provided should not be considered specific tax, legal, or investment advice and is not specific to any individual’s personal circumstances.

You should always seek counsel of the appropriate advisor prior to making any investment decision. All investments are subject to risk including the loss of principal. This material was gathered from sources believed to be reliable, however, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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