CAPitalize Your Finances as a Recent College Grad – Episode 65

Today I’m going to focus on all of you recent college graduates out there. You’ve got unique financial questions when building your own CAPitalized Financial Success, and I want to dive right into them to get you started on your journey.

Do I need a budget? How do I create one? What does it REALLY mean to invest? Retirement seems far away – do I need to think about that right now? What about credit card debt and student loans? When can I buy a home?

If this all seems like a lot to think about, well… it is. But I’ll break it all down for you bit by bit and show you how it’s not quite as difficult as it may seem. Tune in to today’s episode and learn how to kick off your financial adventure the right way, setting the stage for a lifetime of INCREDIBLE financial success!

Important Information:

Christopher Panagiotu is a registered representative with, and securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor and member FINRA/SIPC. The investment professionals are affiliated with LPL Financial and are conducting business using the name CAPitalize Your Finances, a separate entity from LPL Financial. LPL ART-442714 (06/23​)

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