CAPitalize Your Finances with Alec Ingold, NFL Fullback for the Miami Dolphins, Author of “The Seven Crucibles: An Inspirational Game Plan for Overcoming Adversity” – Episode 68

My guest today is Alec Ingold, fullback for the Miami Dolphins, a Walter Payton nominee of 2020, and author of “The Seven Crucibles: An Inspirational Game Plan for Overcoming Adversity.” One of the first things he wrote, which hooked me immediately, was: “Chasing dreams without adversity is like winning a video game on the easiest setting.” This is relatable on SO many levels.

Every goal, every dream, has a price that must be paid in order to achieve it. What have been some of the most profound difficulties, obstacles, learning hurdles, and financial lessons that Alec learned along the way toward CAPitalizing his own finances? As an athlete, how was Alec able to develop a prudent mindset with his financial situation? And, being in such a competitive environment as a professional athlete, what techniques does he use to isolate his financial situation from other players so he can just be himself?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete, a business owner, or an employee working your way through your career, everyone has financial goals. And we are all on our own journey to reach them. The secret is to become addicted to the journey, not the destination.

Today’s podcast with Alec Ingold dives into all of that – and much more!

Important Information:

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