Capitalize Your Finances with Efren Delgado – Episode 88

It’s been said that if you’re human, you have flaws; and those flaws can actually work to your advantage. The person who said that just happens to be my wonderful guest on today’s episode, Efren Delgado. Efren is author of The Opposite is True: Discover Your Unexpected Enemies, Allies, and Purpose Through the Eyes of Counterintuitive Psychology, a mammoth book about turning your “failures” into successes.

When meeting someone for the first time, how do you get that person to trust you? How do you read into someone’s body language? Where does the concept of Groupthink come in? And can you really simply “trust your gut” when it comes things like finances?

I’ve got so much to talk about with Efren today, and I know you’ll find this interview as captivating and insightful as I did. Find out more about how to use human behavior to your advantage with me and Efren Delgado on today’s edition of CAPitalize Your Finances!

Important Information:

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