How Bodybuilding Principles May Also Build You a Better Investing Portfolio- Episode 98  

Is there a parallel between the principles of fitness and bodybuilding and the principles of investing?   

In today’s podcast, I’m going to show you how the disciplined approach of legendary bodybuilder Mike Mentzer can also be used to create effective personal finance strategies.  I’ll tell you about my own fitness journey, shaped by my early challenges with Crohn’s Disease, and give you some insight into the ways that focus and simplicity in bodybuilding can be applied to financial success. 

Mike Mentzer taught that maximum effort in minimal sets yields the best results.  I’ll show you how focusing on what truly matters – ignoring the crowd and following what’s right but not necessarily popular – may make you a much better investor in the long run. 

Get the full scoop on my latest episode of CAPitalize Your Finances! 

Important Information:

You should always seek counsel of the appropriate advisor prior to making any investment decision. All investments are subject to risk including the loss of principal.

Christopher Panagiotu is a registered representative with, and securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor and member FINRA/SIPC. The investment professionals are affiliated with LPL Financial and are conducting business using the name CAPitalize Your Finances, a separate entity from LPL Financial. Mike Mentzer and any other individual or company mentioned in this podcast are not affiliated with CAPitalize Your Finances or LPL Financial. LPL ART-552761 (03/24​)

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