Lessons from ‘The Warren Buffett Way’ with Robert Hagstrom- Episode 103  

Today I’m diving head-first into the compelling mind of legendary investor, financial author and returning guest, Robert Hagstrom.  Celebrating the book’s 30th anniversary, Robert discusses the importance of investing with conviction and the strategic contrarian approaches of Warren Buffett. 

How did Warren Buffett’s legendary tactics of going against the market grain shape the investment landscape? Can those same tactics be applied to everyone’s investment philosophy? We also delve into Buffett’s key influences and the future of investing in a post-Charlie Munger era, exploring what it means to value businesses in today’s inflated markets.  

Don’t miss this blend of educational depth and engaging storytelling with me and Robert Hagstrom on today’s episode of CAPitalize Your Finances! 

Important Information:

You should always seek counsel of the appropriate advisor prior to making any investment decision. All investments are subject to risk including the loss of principal.

Christopher A. Panagiotu is a registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. The opinions voiced in this show (program; podcast) are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which strategies or investments may be suitable for you, consult the appropriate qualified professional prior to making a decision. Robert Hagstrom is not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial or CAPitalize Your Finances. LPL ART-566490 (04/24​)

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